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The strangest thing I've ever done
to get into a rock concert free


by Babysitters’ guitarist Jimbo Kaksov

I'd like to go back a couple of years to a night out with me and Ian [Mitchell, former Bay City Roller] before the disappearance of Boo [Badu, Babysitters' bassist] and Ian joining the band.

Picture a cold November night in London. Picutre a couple of inebriated souls headed for Lord Lindley's place, only to find on getting there that someone had left a sheep in his front garden.

Remembering about the free beer and food at the G. Michael party, we hastily picked up the animal and left for Legends. Upon reaching our destination and the security guards, our drunken state led us to think they would believe our story. We told them we were from Intersheep (a worldwide sheep delivery service) and had to deliver this woolly to Winston, the bass player, as a joke from the rest of the band.

Now, would you believe there was such a thing as a sheep delivery service? No! Neither did they. Except for one big security guard who insisted that his brother-in-law had once worked for them.


In we go!

What we did with the sheep is another story.

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