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REET was born one rainy afternoon in February 2018
when an American expatriate, a prolific interviewer and photographer, living in Rhyl — the Welsh seaside town that gave us Wales’ best U2 imitation —  asked a fellow expat, a formerly famous music journalist, if he wanted to help her start an online magazine about music and other sources of pleasure in spite of living on or near Eel Pie Island in southwest London. Having pleasant memories of being interviewed by Rhyl sometime in the 1990s in San Francisco, SW London murmured, “Yup.”


The pair agreed it would be squinky if their venture could
be characterised by the irreverence and humour that characterised Creem, a magazine for which SW London had written and Rhyl had read religiously back in the days when people were paid cash money to write things published in actual magazines one could buy at actual brick-and-mortar newsstands, squinky being an adjective of praise coined by the cartoonist R. Crumb to mock teenspeak.


It is their hope that REET will provide readers with profound pleasure, and make them both obscenely rich while they’re still young enough to enjoy it, though a great many believe SW London to suffer from the psychological condition called anhedonia, and to be incapable of truly enjoying anything. 

Thanks for contacting REET! Message sent.

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